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Sahara Net announces its approval by CITC and Saudi NIC to register the newly introduced Arabic Top Level Domain under (السعودية)
Subscribe in any of Sahara Net hosting plans and get your free Arabic domain. For more information kindly read the “Summary Policies” below or contact us on 920015999.Top Level Domain Registration Summary Policies:

1. Arabic Domain Name: Refers to one or both of the standard two representations of an Arabic domain name:a.       The Arabic representation: composed of two Arabic labels separated by a dot (e.g. موقع.السعودية), where (السعودية) is always the first level from the left; orb.      The ASCII representation: composed of two ASCII labels separated by a dot corresponding to the Arabic representation where (xn--mgberp4a5d4ar) is always the first level from the right. 2. The Arabic label is where the Registrant can choose the name desired. This name must abide to the following rules: a.       At least 3 symbols long.b.      Should have a corresponding valid ASCII Label.c.       Should not start or end with a dash “-“ and should not have two consecutive dashes.d.      Tashkeel and Tatweel (Kasheeda) are not allowed (refer to RFC5564 for more info).e.      Spaces are not allowed and instead the hyphen “-“ is allowed to separate between words in the label field. 

3. The symbols representing the Arabic Label should comply with terms and conditions specified by SaudiNIC which include permitted characters and symbols to be used in registering Arabic domain names.

4. Everyone may submit requests to register their Arabic Domain Names under two phases:a.       Sunrise Phase: Starts from 10 AM on Monday 17th of Jumada II 1431 H corresponding to May 31st, 2010 until 10 AM on 30th of Rajab 1431 H corresponding to July 12th, 2010. During this phase, only entities with a Commercial Registration of Trademark Registration Certificate may apply, in addition to the Government organizations. In addition, the requested domain names must correspond exactly to the official names in the presented documentation.b.      Landrush Phase: Starts from 10 AM on Monday 18th of Shawwal 1431 H corresponding to September 27th, 2010. This is the open phase in which everyone is allowed to submit registration requests. 5. During Sunrise Phase, no alternations, abbreviations, or changes will be allowed on the requested Domain Name from the official name in the documents. During Landrush Phase, alternations will be allowed up to SaudiNIC decision on reasonable resemblance of the registrant’s official name(s) registered. 6. All registrations are done on 1st come, 1st served basis. Such decision will be done by SaudiNIC based on their servers’ date and time tags. 7. SaudiNIC reserves the right to block registration of specific domain names which are found abusive, racist, ..etc. SaudiNIC maintains this list from time to time at its own discretion. 8. This is a “summary” of the Arabic Domain Name registration policies issued by SaudiNIC. This summary is made to enable customers to quickly understand the general rules and start their registrations. It does not replace not suffice anyone from reading and agreeing totally to all pertinent regulations issued by SaudiNIC. Sahara Net is not responsible for any deviation between these rules and SaudiNIC rules. In the event of such deviation, SaudiNIC rules will always supersede (SaudiNIC web site on URL: 9. Sahara Net is not authorized to intervene in any claims or objections on the registration of Arabic Domain Names to others or on the rejection of specific requests. Such actions should be done directly with the responsible authorities in accordance with SaudiNIC’s “Objection Rules and Procedures”. 10. Final decision for registering requested domain names is with SaudiNIC. Sahara Net can’t change or influence this decision in anyway or form. SaudiNIC has full authority to accept or reject any domain request for any reason. 11. Sahara Net is not liable for any damage resulting directly or indirectly from any of the following conditions, regardless of the form of action performed by Sahara Net: a.       Not implementing a Service Request.b.      Interruptions or stop of Registrant’s business.c.       Access delay or interruption to SaudiNIC’s or Sahara Net’s services, including the delay or interruption caused by a failure in the Saudi IDN ccTLD DNS servers and/or Sahara Net DNS Servers.d.      Inability to use or benefit from any domain name.e.      Errors in processing any Service Request.f.        Usage of any domain name.g.       Force majeure.h.      Applying any regulation, rule or procedure issued by SaudiNIC or CITC or any other governmental or regulatory authority.

 official policies from

  1. Arabic Domain Name Registration Regulation for Saudi IDN ccTLD (.السعودية).
  2. Regulation for Opening Arabic Domain Name Registration.
  3. Saudi Domain Names Objection Rules and Procedures.
  4. Linguistic Guidelines for the Use of the Arabic Language in Internet Domains.


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