eMail Migration

Sahara Net offers e-mail migration services that assists organizations to move its e-mail server and electronic mailboxes to Sahara net at an easy pace and with no or little interruption to e-mail service. We offer customized migration services tailored to the organization’s own business case.

The way this service works is as follows:
– Customer rents an e-mail server from Sahara net.
– Customer requests moving domain name to Sahara Net.
– Customer agrees with Sahara Net on migration plan and schedule.
– Sahara Net handles migration step by step and updates customer on progress.

Through our long experience in this area, we have found several possible migration scenarios. Following are some of them as examples only:
– Customer gives Sahara net a list of mailbox names and passwords.
– Sahara Net initiates an automated migration plan without having mailbox names or passwords.
– For larger migrations (many users or multiple domains), Sahara net can build a portal for the customer to collect mailbox information, user information and initiate migration.