eMail Security Policy

In our continuous quest for delivering the best level of services along with the highest levels of security to end users and business customers alike, we have teamed up with multiple international organizations and ISPs to develop more tight security system for the benefit of all.

One of the main sources of threats and problems affecting end users is Electronic Mails (e-Mails). Therefore, we have developed the following “e-Mail Security Policy”. The goal of this policy is to tighten any loose ends or open doors for hackers and spammers in an effort to reduce their activities worldwide.

Sahara Net e-Mail Security Policy has been implemented in phases since 2008. It is also continuously updated as needed. The following are the main policy items:

1. Close Sahara Net eMail servers to allow only “Authenticated Connections”.

Only users who have valid user name and password on the e-Mail System will be able to send and receive e-Mails. Others who do not authenticate will be rejected.

  • Action by users: Ensure you enable “My Server Requires Authentication” in your mail client software.

2. Close incoming port 25 except for allowed eMail servers.

If you don’t make Sahara Net aware of your e-Mail Server in order to be authorized, your server will be unable to receive e-mails from outside.

3. Close outgoing port 25 except for allowed eMail servers. 

If you run a mail server and it is not authorized by Sahara Net, then you will be unable to send outgoing e-Mails. If you have filed for authorization in step 2 above, then no action is required here. In addition, end-users who use external SMTP servers need to find solutions and workarounds to get such services to work. International hosting service providers and e-Mail service providers such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and others all provide alternative ports for their customers to use.

Currently SMTP (Port 25) is blocked for the following IP ranges. If your IP range is not within the below ranges, then you should be able to send outgoing eMail:

  • to
  • to
  • to