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We at Sahara Net strive to provide a good company where our employees can thrive. We focus on several key aspects which we believe are important to everyone in their job:


1. Work/Life Balance: We work only 5 days a week. The main driver is to allow employees to spend quality time with their loved ones because we know the family is important.


2. Career Development: We build suitable training and development tracks for each employee. We also work hard to match capabilities and talents to the most suitable job.


3. Financial Compensation: Our financial compensation is compatible with the market. It also has a performance related component that recognizes performers.


4. Reputable Company: You should be proud to be among Sahara Net team.

The company that brought the Internet to the public in Saudi Arabia back in 1994. It is today the largest hosting provider and one of the largest business-oriented ISPs in Saudi Arabia.

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