Our history goes back to 1989 when we established the 1st Saudi Bulletin Board Service provider(BBS) in the Kingdom, in 1994 we started offering Internet Connectivity and other related services like email , Web design, Web hosting  and Domain Name Registry services.

In 1998, the Saudi Internet Market was regulated and we received our Internet Service Provider(ISP) license and appointed as the official Local Internet Registry(LIR) in the Kingdom.

We grew over these years to become one of the leading ICT players in the Saudi market, extending our network coverage to all major cities in the country, offering various connectivity options to corporate as well as home users. In 2009 the company was partially acquired by Belgacom, a leading telecom and ISP provider in Europe, this acquisition gave access to a wide range of experience and enabled us to enhance our portfolio of products and services.

Today we are proud to have the reputation of being the most reliable and secure ICT in the Saudi Market, our record of accomplishment over the last 24 years, demonstrates our ability to deliver state of the art solutions that are tailored to meet and exceed our clients requirements.

Customer Care Number: 920015999