Annual Sahara Net Iftar Party

Annual Sahara Net Iftar Party

In a festive spirit, Sahara Net have concluded their annual Iftar Party for its employees, in the Marrakesh restaurant at Crown Plaza –Khobar Hotel.

The attendees of the party were Mr. Haitham Abo Aisha, Sahara Net CEO, Eng. Kais Al-Essa VP Operations & Technical Services, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Amad, VP Finance & Administration, amongst over 80 Sahara Net employees.
Such annual Iftar Parties are considered to be a great opportunity to tighten the bonds between the employees, according to Abo Aisha. Especially, that Sahara Net has annually organized such parties to deepen the relations between Sahara Net employees, calling everyone to increase their efforts to add more extinguished achievements to Sahara Net’s success board, Abo Aisha added.

Prizes were distributed amongst all of the attendees who expressed their joy and pointing that such spirit will motivate all of the company’s employees to produce more effort in the future.
Not to mention that winners were happy to get their prizes when they heard their names announced all around the hallways of the hotel, whereas, Sahara sponsors Iftar Parties every year that the biggest hotels in the Kingdom organize.

At the end of the party, photos were taken to capture these memorable moments.


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