Data-Only Connectivity

A closed environment (network) allows our business clients to connect their branches all over the Kingdom with any available medium to transfer data securely without providing Internet access to their branches. Data compression, acceleration, and VPN services can also be implemented over the Data-Only connection for more efficiency and security.


Global MPLS Sahara Net Global MPLS provides secure, seamless, dedicated, point-to-point leased circuits for enterprises. It is secure and allows customers to share mission critical data, video, and everything in between across scalable platform with high levels of security. Dedicated Data National Connectivity MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching MPLS is data forwarding technology for network traffic that directs data through a path via labels. MPLS technology is ideally suited to Point-to-Multipoint…


Virtual Private Network (VPN), is a group of computers that extends a private network and the resources contained in the network across public networks, such as, the Internet. Sahara Net Virtual Private Network adds extra security to your internet connection that you already have. It encrypts the information you are trying to send or receive so that no spies can see what you are doing.

Dedicated Fiber Link

Dedicated Fiber Link provides high-speed network technology (commonly running at 2-, 4-, 8- and 16-gigabit speeds) primarily used for storage networking. Sahara Net clients use this technology as main link due to its tremendous bandwidth capacity.

Dedicated Leased Line

A leased line provides high speed circuit (up to 8Mbps) connectivity. Generally, leased lines are used for dedicated traffic requirements such as video conferencing, voice transmission, fast browsing, large files transfer, multimedia applications,.etc.

Dedicated Wireless Link

Dedicated wireless link is provided to clients where the other dedicated services are not available and the client’s site is reachable with this technology. Sahara Net also provides Point 2 Point Wireless, this technology enables our clients to obtain high speed access to the client’s Intranet connecting between two points using a point-to-point wireless bridges.


Sahara Net ADSL is ideal for organization’s wishing to connect small to medium sized offices and/or remote workers to their corporate network or the Internet. Our Business ADSL service can also be used as a 'back-up' to increase the availability of a site that has a 'primary' leased line or Ethernet circuit..

VSAT - Networking Via Satellite

VSAT services offer reliable networking solutions via satellite for private and public networks. The service transfers data over satellite to customers located in areas where communication networks do not reach. The service enables linking customer's services and applications to its locations Kingdom-wide in addition to the Internet access when required.


Sahara Net WiMax enables broadband wireless anytime, anywhere using any WiMAX enabled devices, whether it is a laptop, desktop or even a smart phone. Sahara Net WiMax creates a seamless broadband enviroment at home, in the office and on the move. With Sahara Net WiMax, you will get a high speed wireless connection ranging from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Dial Up

Sahara Net dialup internet service allows connectivity to the internet through a standard telephone line at speeds up to 56Kbps. Usually, dial up service is used by our clients as a back up for their main links.

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