Global MPLS

Sahara Net Global MPLS provides secure, seamless, dedicated, point-to-point leased circuits for enterprises.

It is secure and allows customers to share mission critical data, video, and everything in between across scalable platform with high levels of security.


Dedicated Data National Connectivity

MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching

MPLS is data forwarding technology for network traffic that directs data through a path via labels.

MPLS technology is ideally suited to Point-to-Multipoint and full mesh configurations. It can also provide different qualities and class of services, which makes it easier to find more suitable applications and priced more competitively than legacy technology. MPLS is a mature technology with proven quality of service record. Sahara Net Provides both L2 & L3 MPLS service

Services Offered over MPLS


It is a point-to-point virtual private network connection, connecting two customer edge devices transparently at two different locations, as if they had a traditional leased line in between.



An Ethernet based multipoint-to-multipoint communication, providing connectivity to multiple customer sites in a manner that is transparent to the customer edge devices. Sahara Net takes care of transporting customer traffic and switching them across the network from one customer site to another.

The keyword in all of this is private. What happens in your network, stays in your network.


Here are some benefits of MPLS network.

ability to deliver packets reliably and provide a high QoS (Quality of Service)

Support for all Protocols

Increased Redundancy

End-to-End security

Geographic independence

Enhanced voice, data, and video solutions

Helps avoid latency and packet loss

Ensures quality of service and bandwidth protection

Reduces the complexity of network operation

Easy process for upgrading the network to a higher bandwidth

Since the routing decision is made only once at the edge of the network, the core could keep only minimal routing information, thus reducing the overall complexity of the network.

Delivering Quality of Service

Network Scalability

Full scalability options, with minimal disruption


MPLS enables the mixed use of multiple applications such as Voice over IP, Video Conferencing, in addition to other office applications without jeopardizing quality of these services as the customer or service provider can setup quality of service measures.
Sahara Net can also provide International MPLS through our international telecomm partners.

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