Leadership team

Haitham Bu-Aisha
CEO & Co-Founder


Kais Al-Essa
CMO & Co-Founder

Abdullah Al-Shammari
People Manager

Haitham Al-Ayouni
Customer Experience Manager

Dear clients, colleagues, and friends,

Thank you for your interest in Sahara Net, your quality-driven ICT partner,…

Three decades back in time, I started as a network simple user, then a customer care agent, then a salesman, then became the CEO of a very successful company with the help of an open-minded board of directors. I had to go through all the stages of building a successful business with an honest partner and a team of passionate experts. We together were able to overcome difficulties and pitfalls to deliver a strong portfolio of fine services and products to our clients for more than 30 years.

As a leading ICT organization, Sahara Net delivers full range of data services and solutions to cover and satisfy client’s expectations. I believe that every client is unique, therefore our team is very effective when the client’s specific challenges, needs and objectives are identified. Each day Sahara Net makes a positive difference in corporate’s developments by providing innovative solutions which enable them to achieve their goals.

KPI’s is another new venture for Sahara Net that proved to be fruitful. Our goal is to capitalize on KPI’s to improve quality of output. Clients would enjoy fine results when KPI’s are in place. KPI’s are not only set for staff performance, but they are also meant for many other operational practices such as data center fail-over and redundancy.

My dearest colleagues, Sahara Net staff are the secret recipe for success. We would always count on our staff to achieve the near-impossible results by motivation, development and improving standards. More than a decade back in history the ISO quality certification was very smooth operation to complete “in no time”, thanks to our staff cooperation and organization. With our new integrated internal systems, we would anticipate better results delivered to our valued clients.

We will continue to develop our staff by training, support in higher education and academic achievements. Our human capital was and still the most important element when it comes to challenges and difficulties. Empowered managers coupled with proper customers feedback, helped us to cut time when it comes to bureaucratic procedures and systems. This is how we value and develop our staff’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership. Simply by investing in their skills.

Our newly optimized business lines (Cloud and Cyber Security) would help our clients to minimize cost of ownership and achieve better results with lower expenditure to impact their budgets positively. So, stay tuned, and enjoy our offerings. We absolutely welcome your thoughts and ideas.


Haitham Bu-Aisha

CEO, Sahara Net

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