Professional Services

Business Customers requiring professional assistance managing their networks will be very satisfied when dealing with Sahara Net service team.

Sahara Net provides Managed Router service, Managed Local Link.

Managed Router Service MRS

Managed router service is a service that includes recommending the best appropriate routers, implementing, configuring, and managing the router by Sahara Net professional team all year long.

MRS will relief you from time consuming tasks and will guarantee the accuracy of the configuration and changes resulting in a reduction in operational cost.

MRS guarantees secure access to your router remotely and this helps solve any issues related to the router or the WAN link (Provided by Sahara) within a short period of time.

Managed Local Link.

Managed local link includes providing a WL local point to point link between 2 sites under customer name, Sahara Net provides the appropriate hardware, Implementation & configuration.

Sahara Net Team will provide periodically maintenance service and support.

Business Wi-Fi solution

We deliver Wi-Fi infrastructure, installation and broadband access that support the traffic generated.

Wi-Fi solutions provide flexibility, monitoring, content filtering and authentication methods to help your employees and customers access internet easily.