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Effortlessly drop and drag images, text, and videos exactly where you like throughout your website.


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Payments Options

Provide users with many payments options using our e-commerce plugins.

Website Import

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Drag & Drop Interface

Effortlessly place images, text, and videos exactly where you like throughout your website.


It is tool that allows you to easily create an entire website using a drag-and-drop editor and without knowing any code or installing special software.

  1. Different customer experience:
    1. 1-click-purchase;
    2. Catalogue with Inquiry form;
    3. Full E-commerce with Cart.
  2. Product Management:
    • Products (images, SKU, price, etc.);
    • Categories (for menu and filters);
    • Item Types (e.g., phones, monitors, etc.);
    • Product variations (e.g., colours);
    • Different listing options;
    • Different filters.
  3. Store Management:
    • Order management;
    • Currencies and formats;
    • Automatic invoice system;
    • Shipping and delivery options;
    • Stock management (Qty);
    • Customisable tax system (netto/brutto prices).
  4. 40+ payment gateways;
  5. E-commerce Templates:
    • Ready Templates;
    • Designing from scratch;
    • Easy integration to any template.
  6. Additional features:
    • Terms and conditions;
    • Multiple languages;
    • SEO (including microdata).

  1. Adding Google maps:
    • Drag & drop "Maps" from main toolbar;
    • Choose Google maps composition;
    • Write "Address" and "API Key" in right toolbar.
  2. Customising maps:
    • Zoom level:

      Set zoom level in right toolbar.

    • Size:

      Set map size or "Allow to adjust size automatically" in right toolbar.

    • Map theme and type:

      Choose map theme and map type in right toolbar.

    • Options:

      Choose options that you would like to show or allow in right toolbar.

  3. How to integrate Google Maps

  1. Adding layout:
    • Drag and drop layout from main toolbar;
    • Choose layout composition;
    • Add elements to your layout;
    • If you have more than one layout, you can add elements to each layout.
  2. Customising layout:
    • Position:

      Change elements position in layout. Choose from "Horizontal Layout", "Vertical Layout" or "Floating Block" in right toolbar.

    • Alignment:

      Align elements in layout by selecting alignment for that layout in right toolbar.

    • Background:

      Select layout and click background icon in right toolbar;
      Choose your background layout colour and opacity;
      Or upload image/video:

      1. Adjust opacity;
      2. Select position, choose what position picture will start from;
      3. Select repeat options. Horizontally or vertically to have image/video repeat for horizontal/vertical position;
      4. Select "Don't scroll background" to have background at the same position;
      5. Select "Offset" to add move image/video from the starting point;
      6. Select "Auto" to have auto resized picture and select if the picture will be stretched to fit to layout or fit as it is;
      7. Select opacity, position, etc.

    • Duplicate:

      Add duplicate layouts by clicking on icon on layout you want to duplicate and choose "Duplicate".

    • Borders:

      Select layout and click border icon in right toolbar to add borders to layout and choose your width, style and colour.

    • Size:

      Adjust layout size or "Allow to adjust size automatically" in right toolbar.

There are several options how to insert video to the website :

Option 1 (insert media player, e.g., YouTube):

  • Adding Youtube:
    • Drag & drop "Media" from main toolbar;
    • Choose Youtube composition;
    • Write "URL or ID" in right toolbar.
  • Customising video:
    • Size:

      Adjust video size or "Allow to adjust size automatically" in right toolbar.

    Option 2 (upload video from your computer, it will be played as a background):

    • Select "Shape" widget and choose shape composition;
    • Click background in right toolbar;
    • Choose Image/Video and click ;
    • Click "Upload New File", choose video, click open, and click "Select";
    • Under the video choose the backgrounds video settings: opacity; start time and end time;
    • Video will be played with no sound.
      Note. You can just drag and drop video file from your computer to website builder.

    Option 3 (upload video from your computer):

    • Select "Advanced" widget and choose "Custom Html";
    • In the right toolbar "Custom Html" tab, select HTML code by clicking on a pencil icon;
    • Insert this code:
      <video style="width: 100%; height: 100%; position: relative; z-index: 2;" src="VIDEO_FILE" controls>Your browser does not support the video tag.</video>
    • Select "VIDEO_FILE" (without quotes) and delete it;
    • Click "Click to add file(s)" button in top right corner to choose your video file;
    • Click "Upload New File", choose video, open, click "Select", and click "Apply" button;
    • Video will be played with sound.
    • Ads:
      Upload video to your website easily
    1. Adding form:
      • Drag & drop "Form" from main toolbar;
      • Choose form composition.
    2. Customising form:
      • Form:
        • Select form and choose “Edit Form” in right toolbar.
        • Select “Type” to choose the field type.
        • Write “Name” to name the field.
        • (Optional) Write “Placeholder” to give a placeholder text to the field.
        • (Optional) Select “Required” to make the field required.
        • To change field order, drag and drop using arrow symbol on the left.
        • If additional fields are required, choose “Add Option”.
        • Select “Apply” to save changes.
        • Write email(s) for the form to be sent from and to.
        • Write email subject, form sent message.
        • (Optional) Set to "Submit to URL instead" to have your form data sent to URL.
        • Select “Inquires” to view received form replies.
      • Button:
        • Write submit button text.
        • Select near “URL after submit” to insert URL or select a page on your website, if needed select "Open in a New Window".
        • To customise the button more, use “Align”, “Font”, “Style”, “Colour”, “Background”, “Border”, “Shadow”, and “Spacing” options.
      • Fields:
        • Select "Font" to customise the font of the fields.
        • Select "Background" to change field background.
        • Select “Border” to add borders to fields.
        • Select “Spacing” to adjust the field spacing.
      • Labels:
        • Select "Font" to customise the font of the labels.
        • Select "Label Column Width" to change label size.
        • Adjust label position by selecting “Left”, “Above”, or “As placeholder”.
      • SMTP:
        • Click "SMTP Enable" to enable SMTP.
        • Write "SMTP Host" and "SMTP Port".
        • Select "SMTP Encryption".
        • Write "SMTP Username" and "SMTP Password".
      • Google reCAPTCHA (v2):
        • Write "Site key" and "Secret key" in right toolbar to add Google reCAPTCHA.
      • Size:
        • Set form size or "Allow to adjust size automatically".
    How to use

    1. Click "Preview" at top of the website builder;
    2. You can see how your website will look online through different formats (e.g., desktop);
    3. Click "Close preview" at top right corner to close preview window.
    How to preview your website?
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